World Series of Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying and Barrel Racing, one organization; simple core values; people and animals first. We will treat each other with integrity and respect; our animals as respected team members and fulfill our commitment to all of our participants to deliver innovative events that are fun, competitive, and pay. 

The World Series of Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying and Barrel Racing, "WSBRGTBR",  gives everyone an opportunity. If you are old enough to ride your horse, you are old enough to compete. We are a member organization boasting 100% payback sidepots at most events. A General or Youth membership is required to participate in qualifiers. If you are undecided, the day permit is for you. Check out our membership page for more details. The ONLY exclusion for non members is our "Members Only" carry over 100% payback side pots. All Open prize money is paid the same; member or permit holder.  

There is really only one requirement; you must have fun. If you don't enjoy yourself at one of the events, I want to know from you. Let's chat. There are certain things beyond my control; for example...long days and lots of participants - let's face it, that just pays better for you when you win. I will do my best to ensure that events flow as quickly and flawlessly as possible. I can't control mother nature but I will ensure you that we will make the best of the situation.